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Restoring Nativity shepherd with broken flute

Updated: 16 hours ago

Praise Him with Strings and Pipe!

This Nativity shepherd is from a 40 inch plaster nativity set. It had become rather grubby and damaged after many years of being on Christmastide display. The image shows an makeshift repair to the end of the flute; the missing end of the chanter has not been re-attached but painted over. 

3. images of hand and flute repair

As the broken end of the chanter is missing, here are three stages of my re-building them..

​(fig 1.) the proposed correction far left,

(fig 2.) Supports fitted to rebuild the mouth of chanters and fingers,

(fig 3.) Shaping the fingers to match the originals.

Betsy my dog poses to help me out with the broken ears!

Betsy my dog models

A NEW set of PIPES

The fingers and fluted chanters after re-building and before colour is applied.

Repairs to Shepherd statue ready for painting
Restoration of shepherd complete!

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