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It Mitre look better...?

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Ten years younger- when saints need a makeover

Saint Chad statue - 27 inch high

An older statue may undergo a number of makeovers during its existence; some better than others. Eventually, it becomes something the artist never intended. 

This statue belongs to a school, and some of its pupils may be future artists who take inspiration from the art they see. 

Long faced saints

Long faces saints tend to belong to the Eastern Orthodox tradition - to show that they have overcome all temptations of the flesh. This statue of St.Chad, ascetic as he was, appears to have been adapted from a figure of St. Patrick perhaps? With a less than thorough removal of the beard, and too much flesh taken from the top lip, the face is not one "well met" on a School Monday morning!

Unshaven or clean shaven...?
undersized arm and mitre on statue corrected

The statue had other problems, such as a mitre that was a poor fit, and a small twisted arm that had been modeled in grey putty.

The photo on the right shows these faults before and after correction.

Completing the makeover

Finally, the figure of St. Chad was painted as an early medieval bishop. One could ask was this a remodel or a restoration - in this case the answer has to be both!

A dignified st. Chad emerges after restoration

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