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Gilded corpus

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Restoring a carved wooden Rood screen figure

Adding polychrome to corpus

This large corpus had been part of a rood screen, it was discovered in the basement storage, by Fr. James. The figure was stained with years of detritus, which had to be removed before we could begin work. David de-greased the figure and prepared it in readiness for polychrome.

The rood screen it belonged to, was not included in the restoration.The corpus was to be hung onto the sanctuary wall, as a " stand alone" piece.

David made a support mount to take the weight of the figure in readiness for its re-installation.

Earlier in the year, my children were looking for work placements, as required by the

Education Dept. With placements at a premium, our boys found themselves working with us. They are now fully proficient in making teas and coffees! (and washing paintbrushes & pots.)

gilding halo & crown

We engaged them in various apprentice works, including some woodworking projects. I asked one of my sons if they would like to try gilding. We would use two of my paintings of Our Lady of Czestechowa; and gild the raised crowns and halos. To my delight, he took to it like a natural. (Excuse my proud mum moment!) I supervised him in gilding the reverse side of the ephod of this corpus, (The modelling was less complicated there) he did a flawless job.

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Before and After corpus restoration

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